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be quiet SYSTEM POWER 7 300W BN140

be quiet SYSTEM POWER 7 300W BN140
be quiet SYSTEM POWER 7 300W BN140
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Better, Quieter, More Reliable Builds

It’s not easy being a system integrator in today’s competitive PC computing environment. Your customers demand—and deserve!—more, while you want the best price-for-performance available. be quiet! understands that, which is why we made the new System Power 7 300W.

Offering the best possible combination of power, quietness, features and efficiency, the System Power 7 300W gives the SI a big advantage, with worry free compatibility, maximum 12V power, and rock-solid voltages. It is 80PLUS® Bronze certified, and lets you build cost-effective systems with superior performance—a key differentiator in these days of carbon copy low price PSUs.

Class-leading quietness with 120mm cooling fan; annoying high-frequency noise in particular is reduced
300 Watts of continuous power provide extensive power reserves for those times the PC really needs it all
More 12V power than other SI-class power supplies increases power stability, supports bigger system builds
80PLUS Bronze certification and up to 87% power conversion efficiency for greener systems
Extensive compatibility with latest specifications, including Intel C6/C7, ErP 2014 and Energy Star 6.0

open book be quiet SYSTEM POWER 7 300W BN140
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